Improve Laboratory Kit Shipment Process (Lean Six Sigma)

Achieved shipping process optimization through applying incremental and episodic change methodologies.

Lean Six Sigma in Laboratory Management Information Systems

Achieved process optimization through incremental change, with each subsequent activity building on the value gained from previous wins. While this approach offered proven sustainability, the continually changing context of the environment required a more disruptive change model. Episodic transformational change was a successful strategy when used in conjunction with continuous, incremental change.


  • Improved Laboratory Information Management System shipping workflow using the tools and methods of Lean Six Sigma.
  • Carried root-cause analysis to find process failures and showed that failure modes were associated with high turnover, entry- level employees, input variability, task complexity, and goal conflicts.
  • Led improvement in three areas: increased efficiency, lower costs, and higher quality.
  • Designed guidelines to prevent error-prone behaviors, encourage productive behaviors, and enhance workplace efficiency via training, awareness, incentives, audits, process modifications, and work aids.
  • Led more complex and/or costly initiatives, including LIMS software enhancements.