Benchmark Pulse Oximeter Algorithm

Accurately measure respiratory rate on healthy subject trial data

Accuracy of pulse oximetry algorithm

The goal of the project was to continuously monitor respiratory rate; therefore, the performance of the in-house developed algorithm was measured on healthy subject trial data. The following algorithm metrics were monitored:

  • Measurement range breaths per minute
  • Accuracy ± 1 breath per minute
  • Display/indicators: time numbers and Real-time trend data
  • Alarms
    Audible and visual alarms for low and high respiration rate
    Low respiration rate alarm fixed at 8 breaths per minute
    High respiration rate alarm fixed at 28 breaths per minute


      Coordinated the efforts of developing the gold reference from clinical data
      Performed failure analysis of poor and good patient performers and identified patterns and failure modes to better equip the team to classify and address the main root cause of issues on patients
      Monitored algorithm performance by writing scripts and stress / load/ performance/ regression test cases
      Manually reviewed all Clinical Data and documented findings