We partner with you and provide the leadership you need in an age of uncertainty and permeate it in all levels of your organization. We walk the talk by leading projects from inception to completion. Once a project/process is under control, we transfer it to the process owner (s). We create sustainable organizations, by delivering project results and building capacity via training and consulting. Our training and consulting prepare an organization for the dynamics of competition. Our consulting/teaching/training philosophy can be found at
Arta Doci’s training philosophy

Training Modules

Change Management and Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty

We introduce a leadership framework developed by four MIT faculty (Ancona et al.) and a revised version of this framework for Change Management, by adding the resistance to change as a feedback mechanism to the change process. We focus on the following elements:

  • Sensemaking
  • Relating
  • Visioning
  • Inventing
  • Change Signature
  • Resistance to Change

Business process management

Certified Six Sigma Black Belt – CSSBB

The course prepares you to successfully pass Certified Six Sigma Black Belts (CSSBB) exam with the first try. The following is covered during the training:

      Enterprise-Wide Deployment (Leadership and Change Management)

      Process Management (Benchmarking, CTx, ROI)

      Define Measure Analyze Improve Control

      Design for Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma And Healthcare

How to address customer complaints? How to improve the process of claim processing? Why are hospitals overcrowded? This training is about process improvements with quick results. The following is covered during the training:

  • Kaizen events – illustrated with case studies from healthcare
  • Building blocks of successful six sigma programs with focus on healthcare: Design well-defined goals connected to organizations’ performance measures; Commitment of management; Six Sigma training – coupled with a long-term vision; Frequent communication of performance to ensure that everyone connects to the overall goals, be it nursing, housekeeping, billing, administration or any other area
  • Lean Six Sigma Tools

The Certified Manager of Quality / Organizational Excellence

The course prepares you to successfully pass the exam with the first try. It teaches you how to answer questions by focusing on how to define a process based on quality principles. Questions are selected from similar exam questions given in the past and adopted to real world scenarios. The course fosters good critical-thinking skills. The following is covered during the training:

      Enterprise-Wide Deployment (Leadership and Change Management)

      Strategic Plan Development and Deployment

      Management elements and methods

      Quality Management Tools

Root Cause analysis Training, CAPA Training and Certification

      CAPA Policy

      CAPA Process

        CAPA Data Sources
        Reporting/Finding Issues
        CAPA Escalation Criteria: How to use Risk Management to determine weather to open a CAPA (FMEA; Hazard Analysis)
        Correlation of Field Corrective Actions / containment / mitigations
        Root Cause Analysis
        Action Plan
        Effectiveness Verification
        CAPA Closure

      CAPA Software examples and implementations ,e.g., TrackWise

      Field Corrective Action SOP

      Product Hold Order SOP

      Risk Management Policy and SOP

      Human Side of Root Cause Analysis


Creativity is among the key skills needed to address today’s most pressing business challenges. We explore the creative process and introduce a series of tools to spark inspiration and innovation. Through a combination of lecture, discussion, examples, and exercises, participants begin to understand the creative process and how to utilize various tools and techniques to enhance both personal and organizational creativity.


How to evaluate and articulate an opportunity? This training is about how to map out your idea and define a sustainable business model.